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  1. adjective made in advance for sale to any purchaser, rather than to order: a ready-made coat. made for immediate use.
  2. "Readymades" is another entertaining, engaging, thought-provoking masterpiece. And one that sadly most of the music world will never discover. The band has a lot to say in their lyrics, plus the male-female interplay of the vocalists makes for great pop music/5(23).
  3. Readymades is a fantastic program which covers a wide range of activities that work alongside the curriculum. The assessment tool at the end of each activity gives you an alternative form of learning outcomes due to the multiple ways this program can be accessed; which .
  4. Ready-made definition is - made beforehand especially for general sale. How to use ready-made in a sentence.
  5. Jan 04,  · Des objets manufacturés exposés en tant qu’œuvres d'art, quelle drôle d'idée! Ça existe pourtant, et ça porte même un nom: les ready-mades. Pour comprendre un peu mieux de quoi il s.
  6. Jan 13,  · English [] Adjective []. ready-made (comparative more ready-made, superlative most ready-made). Pre-existing or made previously and suitable for use without (further) preparation or modification; comparable with regard to the amount of preparation required. , Association for Childhood Education International, Childhood Education, Volume 14, page
  7. In in New York, Duchamp made his most notorious readymade, Fountain, a men’s urinal signed by the artist with a false name and exhibited placed on its back. Later readymades were more elaborate and were referred to by Duchamp as assisted readymades.

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